Book 2 of 2019

This book is just the most beautiful storyline that had me both laughing and crying all the way through. At first, I struggled to read it due to having the flu and severe headaches, but once they’d passed a little bit I was able to take it all in and I started flying through it.

The story follows a young lady called Emilia Nightingale who, following her fathers death, has come back to the small village of Peasebrook to try and save his bookstore, ‘Nightingale Books’. Emilia makes a promise to her father that she will keep it open. It is the heart of the Village. Everyone loves going there and they all loved Julian Nightingale.

Emilia has to deal with a lot of heartache but she is always there with a smile on her face. She has a huge heart and a desire to make things work.

Sadly not everything goes to plan… but with the help of the villagers, she soldiers on.

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads. It is superbly written, such a feel good book and one that can easily be read again and again. It made me feel so good and happy while I was reading it. Although I will admit, I cried… a lot. It’s not a spoiler to say that her dad died, and throughout the funeral, I cried my eyes out. The last line of the book was a killer for me. I honestly did bawl like a baby.

The way the book is written, it makes you want to pack your bags and go and live in the village with them. Owning a bookstore and making it work successfully would be a dream for any book lover.

I would recommend this book to any reader. I will be passing it straight over to my Mum for her to read.

A fantastic, very well written book. I loved every second.

360 pages and published by Orion Books. A Sunday Times Bestseller for good reason.

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