After He Died is a fantastic Thriller – Read in 2018.

It is a brilliant read and definitely one you don’t want to put down. I read this very quickly and enjoyed all of it. The story starts quickly so it doesn’t drag at all and you can get into it straight away. The book is written by Michael J Malone and is centred around a family called the Gadd’s. We meet Paula Gadd at her husband Thomas’ funeral. She’s already lost her son and is grieving terribly. We soon meet Thomas’ two brothers, Paula’s sister-in-law and Cara – the lady who approaches Paula at the funeral.
What happens next is crazy. It all kicks off almost immediately and you honestly have no clue what’s going to happen. You can guess all you want, but the twist at the end is just too good. I highly recommend this book to any Thriller lover who likes a good plot twist.
I would happily say that I give this book a rating of 8.5/10
Who was Thomas Gadd? Who is Cara? Who can Paula actually trust?Unless you read it, you’ll never know.
I found myself randomly thinking that I couldn’t wait to get home and watch more of that TV show I’ve been watching. I then realised I hadn’t been watching anything. The book is that good, I was picturing it in my head as something on screen. You can really see everything happening in your minds eye.
As always – No Spoilers… that does make it extra hard to review such a good book without giving anything away.
It’s Brilliant, you should read it!

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