‘Fairytale’ by Danielle Steel. Read in 2018

This book is essentially Cinderella, retold. I don’t normally go for Danielle Steel books but I bought this for my Mum and she said it was fantastic so I borrowed it. If I’m honest, I was a little disappointed. Yes, it was a very good read, but for such a fantastic writer, I was disappointed that she chose to retell an old classic.
The ending felt very rushed and I also wasn’t at all surprised at who ‘Prince Charming’ was going to be. I absolutely HATED the characters of Maxine and her two sons. I know you’re meant to hate them (which means Danielle did a great job there) but I mean, really hated them. I also felt that the main character of Camille was a complete pushover. No way would I have stood back and allowed all of that to happen. (Can’t say what, as I promised no spoilers)
The story is set in Napa Valley on a Vineyard. It is very well written in the sense that you can really picture the whole thing. You can imagine it as a film. Picture the Chateau quite easily and imagine them walking around all the grapes. One particular part of the story (about halfway through) did bring a tear to my eye. It was a part of Cinderella that I had for some reason, forgotten about. So when it happened in the book, it did upset & surprise me.
My favourite character has got to be her Step Grandma, Simone. Also known as Camille’s Fairy Grandmother. She is a wacky, loveable lady who despises her own daughter and takes Camille under her wing. She is definitely the highlight of the entire book. She is a breath of fresh air and very funny to boot.
Whilst the book is set around Cinderella, this story doesn’t include any actual magic. It’s a retelling in a way that could actually happen… without mice being turned into horses and Fairy Godmothers appearing with a magic wand.
Overall – I’m confusing myself a bit with this review because I liked it and thought it was very well written by a fabulous author, but at the same time, I’m disappointed at how similar it actually was to Cinderella. If you like a good Romance Novel then definitely give it a read. If you’re like me and prefer a good Thriller that really draws you in, then maybe give this one a miss. I’m going to give this a score of 6/10 because of the lack of originality.
Just FYI – My Favourite Danielle Steel book is an oldie but a goodie – ‘Daddy’. I read it years and years ago but I still remember how good it was. You will cry reading it though.
See you soon for my next review.

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