The Confidence Coach – Dr Sarah Jane Arnold

The Goddess Guide – Gisele Scanlon

You are a Baddass – Jen Sincero

The Self-Love Experiment – Shannon Kaiser

Happy – Fearne Cotton

The Goddess Revolution & Hungry For More – Mel Wells

Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis

Joyful – Ingrid Fetell Lee

Mind Body Bowl – Annie Clarke

Aim True – Kathryn Budig

Whiskey In A Teacup – Reese Witherspoon

The Feel Good Plan – Dalton Wong

Nourish & Glow – Amelia Freer

The Everyday Supermodel – Molly Sims

The 4 Pillar Plan – Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Pretty Happy – Kate Hudson

The Everygirls Guide To Life – Maria Menounos

Tone It Up – Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn

Strong – Zanna Van Dijk

Model Method – Hollie Grant

I’ve been trying to start this blog for over an hour and I’ve been seriously distracted by Will & Grace! So, I’ve turned off the TV and I want to talk to you about ‘Self Help’ style books. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sat in kitchen, fighting off a cold and drinking a ‘Bird & Blend’ cup of Mulled Wine flavoured Tea.
Disclaimer – I haven’t read all of these yet but I still wanted to add them in to the Blog so you can see the sorts of books I buy and am referring to. I also don’t personally know any of these authors – these are just my own personal opinions.
YEARS ago (2014 to be exact) I bought a book called The Everygirls Guide To Life by Maria Menounos. Since then, I have been addicted to these Lifestyle and Self Help style books. They’re always beautiful and come with such great advise, they’re a genuine pleasure to read and you learn so much from them. Maria’s book quickly became my Bible and I’ve read it about 3 times. I’ve also bought her other two books – The Everygirl Diet and Every Girls Guide to Everyday Cooking.
I find this style of book to be the most perfect coffee table books – it’s such a shame I don’t own a coffee table!
In the last four years, I have bought myself all of the books you can see in the photo’s. So far, I have read 14 of them. Kate Hudson wrote Pretty Happy and it was closely followed by Pretty Fun. Of course, I have both books. Dr Rangan has written the AMAZING 4 Pillar Plan. He has another book on pre-order now – I will definitely be buying it.
Earlier this year I went to New York and came home with many new things (as you would expect). One of those things was Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass. I absolutely loved it. It made me feel like I actually good do the things I wanted to do. It gave me back a sense of self. I actually want to read it again to take it all in again. That book inspired me to read Mel Well’s book The Goddess Revolution, which in turn, led me to read her second book Hungry For More. Those two books felt like they had changed my life. I have followed Mel on every form of social media, I’ve joined her private Facebook group and paid to become a member of her Goddess Academy. Recently, Mel posted about a book that she said was similar to hers and that we 100% had to read it – so I bought it. I haven’t read it yet, but Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis is definitely on my ‘to be read’ pile for this year.
At the beginning of this year I read Annie Clarke’s Mind Body Bowl. This very quickly became a firm favourite and is on my pile to read again. Annie isn’t as well known as she should be (in my humble opinion). She has an amazing YouTube Channel and does a lot on Instagram. She is amazing if you need to do some meditation, some self love or even some Yoga. Speaking of Yoga – It was my new found love for this book and Yoga that made me look into buying Aim True by Kathryn Budig. Before seeing this book on Amazon as a recommendation, I hadn’t heard of Kathryn, but I’m so glad Amazon recommended her to me. This book in fantastic. Lots of recipes, yoga poses and ‘must read’ pieces of information. A similar thing happened with Tone It Up – Balanced & Beautiful by Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn. Amazon is solely to blame for my being completely skint!! 🙂
In the pictures you will see The Confidence Coach & The Self-Love Experiment. I haven’t read either of these books yet as they only arrived last week. They came in monthly subscription box by Gozen Girls called Wild Woman. Hands down, the best subscription box I’ve ever had. All of the books have been Non-Fiction. Not a single novel in sight. the last two months have provided TWO books per box as well. Hungry For More was in the first box and it’s a signed copy.
Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee is another new purchase so again, I haven’t read it yet. I saw a bit about this in a magazine and I’m always trying to make myself happier so I can’t wait to get started on this one as well.
The Feel Good Plan is a very good motivational book. The Goddess Guide is perfect for younger women/teenagers. I’ve kept this book for years because I’m so in love with that gorgeous cover.
I have a lot of books that are a mixture of self help, every day lifestyle and recipes. Some even contain workouts and give you the best options for your body type. Strong by Zanna Van Dijk is one of the best for that.
One of my newest purchases just had to be Whiskey in a Teacup. I love Reese Witherspoon, I love her book club, I love all things country (I’m a huge country music fan despite living in England!) This book has bits of everything. It includes lots of information from the ‘south’ and their way of living, lots of cool recipes and gorgeous pictures. This book lives in my kitchen on a stand for all to see. It makes me smile when I lo at it. It gives me a boost.
I haven’t mentioned every single book pictured. If I did, we’d be here all day. I have taken lots of pictures and I will put the all below so you can take a look. For now, I’m going to go back to the sofa, fill in some forms I need to go through, then read away to my hearts content. Love you guys for reading and sticking with me. I think this is my longest post to date. Thank you 🙂


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