Thirteen or Th1rt3en by Steve Cavanagh. Read in 2018

The serial killer isn’t on trial. He’s on the jury. Straight away, we know who the serial killer is. We know that the man on trial is innocent. It makes you wonder immediately, how this can become a story with twists and turns. How is there going to be a shocking ending when we already know who the killer is?
Trust me when I say, you HAVE to read this book. The ending is shocking and incredible and I wish I could say more about it but of course, as always, I have promised no spoilers. I’m saying as much as I possibly can without giving the ending away.
The story follows Joshua Kane and as you find out more about him as the story unravels. You hear about his childhood and it tries to explain how/why he became a serial killer.
Eddie Flynn is the lawyer for the accused. He knows that his client is innocent and starts working with the police to prove it. He puts his life on the line to try and save an innocent man.There are other books by the same author that follow Eddie and his personal life. I hadn’t realised that before picking this up, but it isn’t a detriment to the storyline in this book. It wasn’t until I finished and saw the other books advertised so don’t worry, you can read this one without picking up his other three novels first.
I give this book a solid 9/10. I absolutely loved it. It is a bit gruesome in parts so be prepared for some heavy visuals. It reminds me of something else and I can’t decide if it is ‘Dexter’ or not. Dexter kills bad people – Kane just kills because he enjoys it but there are some similarities.
I have read some fantastic books this year and so far, all reviews I’ve done have been very good ones. I’m not sure about the book I’m currently reading. I need to persevere with it a bit more.
I have to say though, this one is definitely worth a read if you like a good crime/thriller/psychological book.

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