Book 4 of 2019

Rhiannon Lewis is a complete and utter Psycho. She knows, because a Buzzfeed quiz told her so.

The book is written as Rhiannon’s diary and starts on December 31st, ending on June 23rd. Most of her diary entries start with a list… a kill list.

She hates EVERYONE. Whether it’s her sister, her boyfriend, old Mrs Whittaker from next door or the guy at Lidl working on the checkouts.

I’ll be totally honest; the first chapter is VERY graphic and I very nearly stopped reading there and then. However, I persisted because I’d heard so many good things about it.

This book is not for the faint hearted. but man, am I glad I kept going with it. I very quickly learnt to love Rhiannon for the funny psycho that she is. She’s actually HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud several times.

My favourite line was “God, men are exhausting. I can see why the first Lesbian gave up.”

Call me childish, but I laughed for ages at that line.

Overall, the humour of the book makes the darkness of it a lot more bearable. Yes, there are a lot of murders, but you can kind of understand why…

Through the six months you find yourself almost agreeing with the main character and understanding why she kills who she kills. (For the most part anyway).

Her boyfriend Craig is an absolute idiot. AJ who she works with is exhausting. I couldn’t cope with a guy like that at any point. Mrs Whittaker is a thief, her sister hates her, her parents are both already dead and her colleagues don’t appreciate her at all. I can’t really say much more, because it will give the storyline away too much.

The ending. Oh, the ending. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Although, I’m sure those questions will be answered in the second book, ‘In Bloom’. I will definitely be picking that up to see how this all ends. I think it was finished in the best possible way… but a cliff-hanger is always frustrating. Haha.

My Goodreads star rating is 4/5. I really enjoyed this book.

It is 472 pages and published by Harper Collins. Currently on Amazon for £7.18. In Bloom is currently £6.41

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