Book 7 of 2019.

The Good Samaritan is now the fourth book I have read by John Marrs. Whilst this wasn’t my favourite of his, I still really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. (You can see my other reviews on the home page!)

I downloaded this book on Kindle and I always prefer to read an actual book so it did make it a bit harder for me to get in to. I also read it whilst reading other books at home, which is never a good idea!!

There are three parts and each one starts again at Chapter One. Each part is then split into chapters and alternate (for the most part) between Laura and Ryan. You get each characters story from a different perspective. Towards the end, we then get a few other characters perspectives as well which makes the whole thing surprisingly easy to understand.

It sounds confusing but thanks to John’s amazing writing skills, it is very easy to keep up with all the characters, who’s turn it is to talk and what is actually happening.

It is a book that makes you try to guess what’s happening the whole way through. Trying to get to grips with Laura’s past and why she now does what she does. I always find a book that makes you do that to be really fun, and I love it when I’m wrong because it means the author has done a great job at a twist.

I have put the synopsis below so you can have a read. As it says, Laura is the ‘Good Samaritan’ but actually wants people to die. She wants to hear their final breath but Ryan is on to her and he’s determined to stop her.

Laura has a husband, Tony and three children. Throughout the book we learn a lot about her past, and her current family life.

Once you get to Part Two and the storyline really takes hold, it’s hard to put it down.

I imagined the way it ended to be very different for Laura. It also makes me think that a sequel could potentially happen. It’s one of those endings that could prompt another book, but could also leave it right there and we just have to make up our own scenario.

As always, it is very clever and well thought out by the author. A very interesting read that I gave 4 stars to on Goodreads.

Published by Thomas & Mercer on March 8th 2018 & approx 400 pages.

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