Book 11 of 2019

Historical Fiction at its finest.

‘Little’ is based on the childhood/early adulthood of Madame Tussaud and how she came to be the woman we all know and love today.

Born in 1761, the story slowly (that’s a good thing) tells us about her upbringing and how she came to live with Doctor Curtius, The Widow, & her son, & several other characters who come and go.

Curtius and Little work together (she as his apprentice) to create wax heads. It suddenly becomes very popular and they’re making money from people coming and requesting that their head be made of wax.

Even as a child, Little is incredibly patient and very loyal.

The story starts with “1761-1767 – A little village. From my birth until I am six years old” – Each sections starts in a similar vain and makes it easy to keep track of how old she is and what’s going on in the world at that time. It is written from the perspective of Little so you see everything from her point of view.

This book is very unique, very cleverly written and extremely intriguing. I just kept wanting to know more. I even jumped onto Wikipedia to see how much of it is true. I was surprised to learn, that quite a lot of it, is.

There is so much emotion in the book. You feel a lot of empathy for the characters. Throughout, I felt elated, scared, tearful, excited, happy at times, sad a lot and very angry at some of the characters.

One character in particular I genuinely HATED. They made me so angry!! The story is written so that you are meant to feel such a strong emotion towards them and it was done so well. A good book will do that and you have to remind yourself that it is in fact, fiction.

I have added a couple of pictures below to show the illustrations that are throughout the book. Just be careful on page 23. That picture is scary!!!!!! All the drawings are very clever and fit in extremely well with the story (as you would expect). My favourite is the one below of the Palace. It just looks so pretty.

I gave this book 4/5. I absolutely loved it, but it isn’t the usual genre I go for, so no twists and turns like you’d find in a Thriller. Overall, an excellent book and worth recommending to anyone. (Now that I’ve written my review, it’s going to my Mums for her to read!)

Published by Gallic Books on 4th October 2018. Approx, 458 pages.

Currently priced at £7.91 on Amazon.

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