Book 15 of 2019

I think the speed in which I read this book goes a long way to tell you how much I enjoyed it. At first I was slightly daunted by the 636 pages but I flew through them.

This book was actually written a few years ago under Lucinda Edmonds. Since then, Lucinda has rewritten parts of it and it has been released again under Lucinda Riley.

The book focuses on three generations of women; Greta, Cheska and Ava. There is also a lot of involvement from other characters, mainly David and his Mum, LJ. There is also a lovely housekeeper named Mary who everyone loves.

After a serious accident, Greta completely loses her memory until nearly 30 years later she is taken back to her home in Marchmont and the memories come flooding back. With Davids help, Greta starts remembering everything that happened before her accident, including how her daughter Cheska is, and how Ava her granddaughter came to be.

In places the book is heartbreaking. It also very easy to become caught up within the characters. You kind of see what’s coming but still end up annoyed or shocked that it has happened. The way the author has written it is fantastic.

I will happily give this book five stars because it was such an easy read but still incredibly well written and a storyline that really draws you in. I loved it. Once I got to just before half way, that was it, I read the rest of it in one day. I couldn’t put it down.

It is the first book I have read by Lucinda Riley but I will definitely be picking up more of hers in the future.

Approx 636 pages and published by Pan. It is currently on Amazon for £6.21 but is under the paperback deal of 2 for £7.00.

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