Book 17 of 2019

The guys over at Panther Publishing asked via Instagram if anyone would like to read and review a book called ‘From Inside The House’ – of course, I said yes and the book was emailed over to me to read on my Kindle. However, that is Book Two of the DI Graves series so they very kindly also sent me Book One.

My review for the blog tour on ‘From Inside The House’ isn’t due to go live until 9th July so in the meantime, here is my full review for ‘The Demons Beneath’.

Detective Inspector Daniel Graves has two cases to work on. Both are gruesome murders. One, has given no clues whatsoever and they’re picking tiny pieces together to try and form a case. The other, well, the other appears to be death by Demon. Whilst Graves doesn’t believe in the supernatural, the more they look into it, the more it seems like Demons are involved.

Both cases are highly intriguing and you have to keep going because you just HAVE to know what’s going to happen.

Is Graves dealing with one serial killer or two?

Is the supernatural involved?

Will he ever get over the complex he has that his partner looks like Superman and he feels inferior to him?

You’ll have to read it to find out.

This book will be released on the 1st June 2019 by Panther Publishing and is definitely worth a read. Just be warned… you will want to read book two to see what happens next!

I gave this book Four Stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Certain parts can be a bit gruesome but hey, if you can see it happening in your minds eye, you know the author is doing a good job.

Let me know if you read it once it’s released.

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