Rewind is absolutely fantastic. So cleverly written and easy to keep up with despite the ‘fast forward’, ‘rewind’, ‘pause’ elements of the book.

First we meet Natalie. An Instagram star, an influencer and a woman who needs a serious break from her phone. Natalie heads to a remote seaside town called Shanamore, but we soon realise she isn’t just there for a little break… she has her suspicions about something and she’s there to prove she is right.

There are a lot of characters in this book and all play a massive role. Natalie’s husband Mike, Audrey the journalist, Orla the waitress, Richard the local creep, Andrew the local weirdo, Jessica the manager of a bed and breakfast and Seanie, the local Policeman. (& that isn’t even all them).

By the end of chapter one, we already know there has been a horrific murder, it’s been caught on tape & Natalie is in a cottage by herself but is certain she’s being watched by someone. I was fully creeped out already.

Every chapter has a purpose, every page tells a story. I flew through this book because I had an urgency to know what was going to happen next.

I will say, I guessed the ending (for the most part anyway) and yet this didn’t take anything away from the book. Even though I realised that *so & so* did it, I still needed to know the full why. I loved the suspense.

Despite her being a journalist, I really loved the character of Audrey. Even though she wanted a story to progress her career, she also had a caring heart, seemed genuine, and clearly wanted the best possible outcome.

Rewind is an epic book and one that you should definitely pick up this Autumn if you love a psychological thriller.

Out for release on September 5th 2019. Currently on Amazon for £14.99 in Hardback.

Published by Atlantic Books

327 pages.

** I won this book in a giveaway and was lucky enough to receive a signed proof copy.

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