This isn’t the type of book I have ever reviewed before, but it’s a fabulous book for getting your mojo back when writing. By the time I’d got to page 50 I wanted to grab a pen and start writing. (I couldn’t, as I needed to read the book for this blog tour! Haha)

Anyway, Wendy is an author and has written this book to help new writers, or writers who are struggling.

“Revolutionise your writing one creative step at a time”

There are 366 different tasks for you to do. They can be done over a year (one extra for a leap year), they can be done in order, or you can do two or three a day and mix and match. The choice is yours. Do whatever works for you that day.

Wendy has written this in such a way that it feels like she is actually speaking to you. She funny too!!

Some of the sections are:

Buy a nice notebook

Listen to music

Go for a walk

Smell the coffee etc.

Definitely a book aimed at book adults and teenagers. All sections can be done by most people and some of them have been adapted too. Ie, in one section she says something about eating meat. But adapts it for a Vegan too.

She doesn’t just give fab ideas, she also gives awesome writing prompts throughout and always reminds you to take a day off every so often.


“Make your characters sit down and have tea with each other. Write the funniest scene you can possibly imagine.”

“Brainstorm. Grab a huge sheet of paper… brainstorm as many different ideas and words for your book as you possibly can in twenty minutes…”

“Make a change for a change.”

At only 180 pages, it’s a quick but informative read. I personally would suggest giving it a read through first, then go back through and use it to it’s full potential.

Published by Scott and Lawson

Currently available on Amazon for £8.99 in Paperback.

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