‘England 1648 – A dangerous time for a woman to be different…’

This book is absolutely stunning from start to finish. When I was asked if I would like a copy to review for the blog tour I immediately said yes. I haven’t read any of Philippa Gregory’s books before but I have a couple on my shelf and I’d heard so many amazing things about her writing.

The hardcover that I received is beautiful. The front cover and the end pages are gorgeous.

The writing is like a dream. I feel like I fell into the book and I loved every second.

The story itself is the start of a new series of books and follows the life of Alinor, her daughter Alys & her son Rob.

Alinor believes that she is widowed as her husband has been missing at sea for many months. One night she waits in the graveyard hoping to see his ghost so that she’ll know for certain. Instead, she meets James and suddenly, everything changes.

The book is of course, Historical Fiction. As the first in a new series it’s always slightly devastating to finish a book because now I have to wait very impatiently for the second book.

I will 100% be picking up many other books by this wonderful Author in the future. I cannot praise her style of writing enough.

438 pages. Released on August 20th in Hardback and at the time of writing is currently £10 on Amazon. Published by Simon & Schuster UK

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