Lex Tyler. Wife, Mum, Secret Agent!

This blog post is a little different because I’m reviewing two books in one post. I read them the wrong way round, but I will review them in the right order.


As mentioned above, I accidentally read these the wrong way round. In doing so, I gave myself a bit of a spoiler with this book – I knew who the bad guy was.

However, it didn’t take anything away from how great the book was. (Thankfully!)

I love Lex. I kinda wish I was Lex. She sounds like the sort of female bad ass any girl would want to be.

In Killing It, Lex is back to work following six months maternity leave. The men in the office are quick to point out that she’s ‘put on weight’, ‘got bigger boobs’, ‘probably isn’t up to the job anymore now that she’s a mum’.

Well, Lex will prove them wrong. Not only is she up to the job, she is literally killing it. She even manages to use her little girl at work. Don’t worry, she’s safe… but she gives Lex the perfect reason for joint a group of Mums that will help her with her case unknowingly.

I love the character of Jake – because he is a character. The sort of guy you’d always want on your side at work.

I love her relationship with her husband, Will, although he doesn’t feature quite as often in this compared to The Nursery.

I also love how such a dramatic storyline is also comedic. Asia has made this book pretty damn funny and I loved it.

Published by Bonnier Zaffre. This was released in July 2018.

380 pages and currently just £2.00 on Amazon. Yes. £2.00!! No excuses not to buy it now.

(Side note: I purchased this book myself).



Well! I was only on Chapter Two and I could already tell I was going to love this book. I started telling everyone that they HAD to read it straight away.

The writing is absolutely incredible. Every single chapter, every page even, has something interesting happening. It’s very fast paced so be prepared for a journey. I was gripped from start to finish. I felt that the writing was so good, I could visualise the whole taking place as either a film or a TV Show.

I loved the characters. Lex was my favourite, of course. But Mrs Moulage come a very close second. (You’ll have to read it find out who she is!)

Lex is a working mother, but not your typical kind. She works at ‘Platform Eight’ – an underground hideaway for Secret Agents. Even her husband Will doesn’t know what she does.

Whilst the story itself is a very serious topic, Asia has still made it very funny too. A laughed out loud at a few things. It just made it even more amazing.

Did I figure it out?? Nope! Not until Lex did. That’s always a sign of fabulous writing and a five star read.

This book shows us a lot of different characters but it’s still very easy to keep track of everyone and everything that’s going on.

We learn a little bit about Lex’s past, but not too much that it takes away from the story. Everything is relevant.

Obviously I don’t want to spoil the ending, and I won’t… but as I was reading the book I thought it was so good, surely the ending would let it down?! Well, it didn’t. It was an epic ending and I can honestly say I loved 100% of this book.

Published by Bonnier Books

Released in paperback on the 5th September.

371 pages and currently £7.03 on Amazon. You will not regret buying this book. Trust me!

** I won this book via Readers First.

So, I guess the question on everybody’s lips is, which did I prefer?

Honestly, both books are amazing, but for me The Nursery really was the best one. I gave it five stars. I loved it.

I really hope there’s a third instalment!

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