The Man in the Dark is actually the second book in the series. The first book being ‘Hellcorp’. Unfortunately I haven’t yet had chance to read Hellcorp, but I will make time for it because this book is fantastic.

It’s crime, mystery, thriller, fantasy, hilarious, serious and sarcastic. It has everything you could want in a book.

The Devil has just finally got the holiday he’s been wanting for ages, and ‘He’ (God) call upon him (gives him no choice) to go back to Earth and help find a woman who has gone missing, apparently kidnapped on holiday. While he is on Earth, literal HELL breaks lose thanks to two of the greatest backstabbed, all the way from Roman times – Cassius and Brutus. They want the Devils job and they’ll do ANYTHING to get it.

Without spoilers, I will say that the ending definitely gave me third book vibes. I wonder if the Devil will ever get his holiday?!

When I picked this book up I was in a reading slump and I will admit, I didn’t really want to read it – however, cut to just a couple of chapters in and I was hooked.

Excellent book and reading slump over! Thank you Mr Whitelaw!!

If you’re wanting your next great read I 100% recommend this – but maybe read Hellcorp first. You could definitely read this as a stand alone, but certain little bits (I’m sure) will make more sense if you read Hellcorp first.

Published by Urbane Publications. This book is due out on the 26th September.

I was gifted this book in return for an honest review to be published as part of the blog tour.

Amazon link –

Even my cat was interested in this one…

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