I wanted you all to know that you should read this book… but you should also have a full pack of tissues right next to you and probably no make up on. It’s less messy when the tears start rolling.

Oh my word. I’m not sure that anything I say can really do this book justice but I’m going to give it a good go.

Most people will unfortunately have come across cancer in some way. Whether you’ve been fighting it yourself or you’ve watched a love one fight. Personally, I have lost three grandparents to the disease and therefore, anything like this is going to be hard for me to read.

Knowing that the author has herself battled breast cancer makes this even more poignant. Laura was 35 years old and just five months pregnant when she was diagnosed. Luckily Laura, who already had a little boy, was able to give birth to a baby girl and then begin her fight and she is now thankfully, cancer free.

I am quite an emotional person at the best of times. This book destroyed me. At the top of page 88 I read four little words and that was it. I cried, and I cried.

I cried so hard that I couldn’t see the words on the page. Every so often I had to stop and really calm myself down so that I could carry on reading. I cried until the very last page. I cried on and off for about an hour after finishing the book. I went to bed, emotionally drained.


Jess finds out that she has breast cancer when her daughter Edie is just a couple months old and still breast feeding. Jess herself is only 21 years old. Recently single and back living with her Mum. Her main concern when first told the diagnosis is how on earth to even tell her Mum.

She starts writing letters to Edie. She wants her to know so much about her, her Dad (Jake) and everyone else around her. She wants to be there for her daughter even though she knows that there is a possibility she won’t be there for long.

I am absolutely in love with the friendship between Jess & Gemma. Gemma sounds like the sort of friend that every single woman should have.

The relationship between Jess & her Mum felt very real and honest. I felt a lot of my relationship with my own Mum whilst reading it.

This book is honestly the most devastating, heartbreaking book I have ever read and it will stay with me forever.

There isn’t much else I can say except please give this a read. It will upset you, there is no doubt about that, but I promise you, the book itself is phenomenal.

One last little note… F**K YOU CANCER! (I’m crying again!)

I was gifted this book by the Publishers, the wonderful Agora Books.

I Wanted You To Know will be published on October 3rd 2019 in both Paperback and Ebook. It is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for £9.99.

It is 290 pages of pure heart wrenching gold.

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