More lost cases from the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

Sixteen of Christopher Fowler’s books feature Bryant & May but it is the first one I have read and can easily be read as a stand alone.

The books chapters are each a short story so it is really easy to put down and pick up whenever you feel like it.

I absolutely loved this book. I really loved the main characters. They’re so funny and sarcastic. And of course, always right!

There are twelve stories within this book and I loved them all. Because they’re short it doesn’t give you much time to figure out who did the crime before you’ve got to the end, but it’s always a good ending.

I really enjoyed Bryant & Mays Day Off (pg 39) but my absolute favourite was Bryant & May and the Invisible Woman (pg 121) That particular story was so gripping and quite emotional. I loved the twist.

I also loved the ‘Memo’ from Raymond Land on pg 11. That had me in stitches. I must share a similar sense of humour with the author because the dry humour and sarcasm in this chapter was fabulous.

It is the first of this series that I have read, but I very much doubt it will be the last. I highly recommend this book – especially if you have a good sense of humour. 😉

Thank you so much to Emma @damppebbles for arranging this tour, for allowing me to be a part of it and of course for sending me the book.

This book was published on October 31st by @doubledayuk and can be purchased using any of the following links:

Amazon UK:


Book Depository:–May—Englands-Finest–Short-Stories/24004492

Google Books:

I genuinely loved this – so go treat yourself.

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