This book is really good!! It has a really good storyline, a few brilliant twists and turns, it’s funny yet dramatic. You feel the suspense when necessary and you really want to make sure everything ends up okay.

Clarry has got a part time job as a waitress and is trying to set up a business as a private detective. She gets an unexpected call about a potential new case and can’t decide whether to take it or not. In the end, she does (of course) and with the help of her amazing older friend, Flan she uncovers lots of secrets.

There is a hint of the supernatural in this book and it has been very well researched but still stays very true to real life. (You’ll just have to read it to see what I mean).

Whilst I really like Clarry as a character, Flan is definitely my favourite. She was written so well. Seventy years old and completely fearless. I love her!!! I wish I knew her!

I’m 31 and I really enjoyed this but I think it is aimed more at Young Adults. (Not a bad thing of course!)

Just a little note: this is book two in a series but can easily be read as a stand alone. I gave this book four stars and now I really want to read the first book in the series.

Go give this a read and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I picked this up on Sunday morning and had finished it by Sunday evening!

Thank you so much to Anne Cater for arranging the blog tour and sending me the book.

Published by Matador and 353 pages.

Use this link to purchase from Amazon –

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