From the author of The Lido, comes the new book by Libby Page :- The 24hr Cafe.

The concept of this book is quite simple… it follows the lives of the staff and customers of a busy 24hr cafe in London. But it also delves a little deeper when we find out more about the main characters, Hannah & Mona.

They both remember things that have happened in the past and take us back in time to discover how they both ended up working in the cafe and sharing a flat in London.

Hannah is determined to become a singer and Mona, a dancer. As they struggle through auditions and gigs, they make their money working at Stella’s cafe. Both of them are pulling double shifts and working for 12 hours straight. Hard work made easier by colleagues/chefs Pablo and Alexandre.

I particularly liked the story of ‘Dan’. And I loved the kindness of strangers throughout the book.

This book is a very easy read. There are a couple of heart wrenching moments but overall, it’s a simple but effective book that many would call ‘feel good’.

Definitely an excellent summer read. Lounging by the pool, drinking a cocktail and taking in a lovely read.

Out in January 2020, this book is sure to be just as popular as The Lido.

Published by Orion, 416 pages.

Thank you to Compulsive Readers & Orion for the Arc in exchange for an honest review.

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