Well, this was a very different type of book for me and I’m really pleased that I went for a different genre for a change. I love historical fiction but this still felt a little bit different.

In London 1954, Bess Bright goes to collect the daughter she left at The Foundling hospital straight after her birth. She is dreading that her daughter, Clara my have died there but instead is told that the child has already been reclaimed – by her!

Her life is turned upside down as she tries to figure out who took her daughter and why.

As you would expect, the book starts at The Foundling as Bess is getting ready to give up her new born baby. But her reasons for giving up her daughter and who the father is aren’t revealed until later on.

The story goes between the past and the present. It’s pulls you in and makes you desperate to know more. All the way through you want Bess to win this. You obviously want her to get her Daughter back.

There are many characters in this book that I like, but one that stands out in particular for me is Bess’s best friend, Keziah. She is an amazing friend and even risks her own life/livelihood for Bess. She is amazing. (As is her very understanding husband!)

The Founding is a beautiful book. Extremely well written and certainly one that grabs you. I won’t forget about this book anytime soon.

As for the ending – well, that was just perfect.

The Foundling was released in February 2020 so is now available purchase at all good bookstores, supermarkets and of course, Amazon… (It’s currently only £6.50 so hurry)

I’d like to thank Tracey at Compulsive Readers for arranging this blog tour and Bonnier Books/Manilla Press for sending me the most beautiful proof copy. The book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Congratulations Stacey. You’ve written another amazing book.

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