It’s April, we’re all on lockdown and a lot of us are really struggling to read right now – enter, The Lost Child. I devoured this within 24 hours and it has flown to the top of my list of favourites.

Emily Gunnis has a superb style of writing and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Trigger warning: this does feature psychosis, miscarriage and post-natal depression.

In 1960, 13 year old Rebecca witnesses the death of both her parents. In 2014 her daughter Iris is sent to cover the story of a new mum who has run away from the hospital with her poorly baby. There is a huge family connection and in order to find Jessie (the missing mum), both Iris and Rebecca have to delve into the past and find out what really happened all those years ago.

I loved every character and every story within this novel. I felt all the emotions while reading it and I absolutely loved the ending. (No spoilers).

There are regular twists and turns throughout the book and the whole storyline keeps you gripped from start to finish. I am definitely craving more from this author and will 100% be picking up her first novel ‘The Girl in the Letter’.

I have already told my mum that she needs to read this book and I will be recommending to many more people in the future.

Released on the 2nd April 2020, this amazing book is currently only £4.50 on Amazon. Published by Headline Review and is 321 pages.

Thank you so much to Anne Cater for arranging the blog tour and having the book sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I will treasure this book forever.

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