I am currently sat in my living room, in Yorkshire, England. I have been playing on a colouring app on my phone and waiting for yet another Amazon parcel to arrive containing books about running for mental health. I am procrastinating. I am wasting time. I am also hungry, so I’m trying to decide what to eat.

I am very aware that despite all my problems, I am in a very privileged and lucky position. I have a mortgage, I have a car, I have a cat who I love to pieces and I have incredible parents who will drop everything to help me should I need them to, but they will also give me a bollocking if I deserve one. They keep on the straight and narrow. They are the reason I’m a ‘good girl’ even though I’m also a pain in ass with mental health issues. I’m also thirty-one and yes, I still get told off… I will also always be a Daddy’s girl and my Mum is my best friend.


As I’m sat here, doing nothing, I’m getting angry.

Angry at myself.

Angry at the World.

Angry at the year 2020 in general and angry at the Pandemic that is Covid-19 and the way people think it’s okay to carry on as normal even when we’re in lockdown.

I am also angry at Amy Cooper. She called the Police and said that ‘an African-American man was threatening her life’ – This man was Christian Cooper. An avid birdwatcher who asked Amy to put her dog on its lead/leash as per the rules of the park. She then proceeded to argue with him, which caused him to start filming her. She told Police she was being threatened. Christian had never moved. Yes, he was filming her, but he clearly did no wrong. She called 911 and practically screamed down the phone telling them to hurry. She has since apologised and been fired from her job – but this isn’t the end of it is it?

It gets worse. And this is the thing that I am most angry about. The thing that has had me sat stewing for over an hour. It has had me in tears at least twice and in shock after seeing the video of this happening.

George Floyd.

I didn’t know him. I don’t even live in the same country. But what happened to him in Minneapolis BY THE POLICE cannot be ignored. I’ve watched the video posted on Instagram by @shaunking and I can’t get his cries for help out of my head. He keeps saying that he can’t breathe. He tries to move but he was pinned down by three police officers. One of those officers had his knee in George’s neck and was slowly killing him.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about this on the news or online. I’m sure my tiny little blog post won’t make an ounce of difference here, but George died. You can see the life drain out of him in the video. He was murdered. Pure and Simple. Three police officers from Minneapolis killed a man on the street purely because he was black. A fourth officer was keeping the crowds at bay and watching it happen. A lady on the street called an ambulance for him, but it was too late.

The Police claimed that George had resisted arrest, not realising that CCTV footage clearly shows the arrest take place and there is no resisting. He was a husband and a father. Nobody deserves to die like that.

The four officers have since been sacked, but people are calling for justice. Charges should be filed; arrests should be made, and those officers should absolutely be in jail for murder.

Race has always been a very serious issue and I will never understand why. Why does the colour of your skin matter? Why does being ‘Black’ automatically make you a threat to society whilst us privileged whites just sit back and watch it happen. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

There are good people in the World and there are evil people. The colour of your skin does not define whether you are good or bad. If you do bad things, you should be punished. If you do good and just live your life, then you are a great person, whatever it is that you do.

During the video of George pleading for his life, the Officer with his knee in Georges neck smirks. Is it a grin, is it nervous laughter? It is evil. Look in his eyes. He knew exactly what he was doing, and George and all the witnesses were powerless to stop him.

I am the sort of person that will like anyone unless they wrong me in some way. I’m a Gemini, I hold grudges and I’m sorry about that… but seriously, the world is falling apart. If 2020/Corona has shown us anything, its that we should respect our fellow man. We should help each other out, have some compassion and use whatever power we have for good, not evil.

Anyone who is reading this right now, I implore you to do something good. Tell someone you love them, make someone smile, help out an elderly neighbour. Doing good, makes you feel good. I might not have realised that ten years ago, but I have grown and changed. I’m still selfish and independent, but I’m also empathetic and extremely sensitive. If you cry, I cry – but I will do everything I can to put that smile back on your face.

I’m not perfect, none of us are, but nothing will change unless WE CHANGE. As a country, as a world – WE have to make the change.

We can’t hug our friends and family right now, but we can do so many other things to show that we care. Two days ago my Mum came to my door and dropped off some food for me and some beautiful Tulips… she didn’t have to. I didn’t ask her to. But she did it because she cares and she wanted to cheer me up. She also did it because she knew I was terrified of going to the shops but I needed fruit and veg. And she did it because I had sun stroke and wasn’t feeling well. She couldn’t hug me… but what she did do meant just as much, if not more.

Small things make a huge difference to peoples lives. We should be helping each other, not tearing each other down. We need to get our lives back on track and the only way we can do that is by being sensible and doing good things.

Justice for George is needed.

This needs to end – NOW.

We need support and love from each other. We need to make the world a better place again. As I said before, small things really do make a huge difference.

What have you done recently to make someone smile? Let’s have a little chat in the comments and big yourself up, because you are amazing and you deserve it.

One thought on “Spread Love, Not Hate

  1. This is so true. We all need to show we care, not just give lip service to it. A little thing means so much sometimes. No one knows how people feel on the inside. They may be smiling and saying they are fine when they are hurting so bad. A smile, or a kind word or a call can make such a difference.

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