Percolate by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino feat. Coffee Breaks with Dr Katie Eastman.

Elizabeth founded the company @besteveryou many years ago and from there this book was born.

Percolate is a non-fiction book that will help you to discover your best You.
I have always liked non-fiction books but recently I’ve been reading them even more than fiction and I’ve been loving them. When I was asked to do the blog tour for this one I didn’t even hesitate. I said yes straight away and I absolutely do not regret that decision.

Elizabeth talks to you. Really, talks to you. It’s honestly like you’re sitting in a room with her and a cup of something warm and comforting. (I’m not a coffee fan at all, so my personal choice, is Tea – but you do you boo!)

In and amongst the 34 chapters they have slotted in ‘coffee breaks’ with Dr. Katie Eastman and they’re just fabulous.

Chapter 10 is one of my favourites: “In times of indecision, I often ask myself WWBWD – What Would Betty White Do? The answer is clear and always the same: Just be yourself and be hilarious doing it.”

Elizabeth gets you to ask yourself questions that we’d never normally think to ask:

What makes you smile?

What makes you frown?

Am I a team player?

What do I do well?

She talks about mindfulness and what you can gain from it and how it’s not just meditation as many people think. She also gets you to take notes. Write a journal. Work on yourself.

I read this book on my Kindle and honestly, I really want to buy the physical copy so that I can keep referring back to it and keep doing the work to make myself a better version of me.

This book was released by the fabulous Hay House back in 2014 and it is certainly a book that will stand the test of time. We need books like this, especially now. We all need a helping hand and this book of self-empowerment is perfect.

Available to buy now on Amazon either as a kindle read or paperback. Go go go!!!

Thank you so much to Kelly @lovebookstours for arranging this blog tour. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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