At only 60 pages, it’s definitely a quick read, but wow, there’s a lot of information thrown in there!!! Val is an author herself and knows the drill. This book is her way of sharing some fantastic tips and tricks, not only to get a book published, but to actually start writing said book in the first place. .
It is packed full of useful information, from the simple “writing a novel is hard work” to the more complex issues of finding the right publishers, dealing with rejections & finding a proof reader.
Val goes into detail about different genres, aspirations, different types of publishers, self publishing and the many advantages, benefits and disadvantages throughout the process.
This book is highly thought out and pretty damn excellent for anyone who is thinking of writing a novel. I read this on my kindle and I already want a physical copy so that I can use it to it’s full advantage once I put pen to paper!
It’s on Amazon now… if you like writing, go and get yourself a copy! You won’t regret it at all.
Thank you so much to @lovebookstours for sending this over to me. @valerieepenny

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